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About us

Didiesse S.r.l. is a company specialising in the production of 100% made in Italy pods espresso machines.

The machines
Didiesse espresso machines stand out for their modern and attractive design, which is expressed through bold colors and bright shades, and for the attention to detail that enhance the line and make it intuitive to use.
Baby Frog: it's not badly washed, it's done better!

Baby Frog is the smaller version of the historic pod coffee machine that has represented the company for over 20 years. With its “retro” charm but an even more captivating design, the Baby Frog is practical, functional, reliable and above all easy to carry and boasts the lowest energy consumption.

Frog Revolution: iconic design

Set apart by its fun and colourful design, the Frog espresso machine adapts to suit every environment from both an aesthetic and a functional point of view.
A beautiful addition to any home or office, the Frog is also extremely practical.
Elegant, functional and reliable. The Frog never disappoints.
Available in the basic or vapor versions, with steam group, to froth milk and enjoy an excellent cappuccino.

Frog Collection, elegant and sophisticated

A unique espresso machine like the Frog deserves a Limited Edition, indeed an entire line.
Alongside the Silver and Black versions, always present in the Didiesse catalog, 500 Frogs are available in a selection of exclusive textures.
Like all divas, the Frog is always looking for a new, unique and inimitable look.
One more reason to have it, one more reason to love it.
Available in the basic or vapor versions, with steam group, to froth milk and enjoy an excellent cappuccino.

Become a Didiesse partner: why

As you know, a retailer has many aspects to consider when choosing a supplier:

Product quality
All Didiesse products are started from scratch and are thoroughly developed within our company, thanks to a team of highly-qualified professionals. Focused on the importance of mutual collaboration, our designers and engineers carry out the final projects by taking advantage from the precious suggestions of everyone involved in the manufacturing. The company relies exclusively on Italian partners and the products brought to market are 100% made in Italy. Didiesse’s strong ties to the Campania region are highlighted by its choice to concentrate all its production in this area, driven by a desire to enhance the territory, which is rich in history, culture and traditions, especially when it comes to espresso.

The espresso machines are all certified and compliant with European standards in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety (EC certification). Didiesse also completed the MOCA certification process, guaranteeing compliance with mandatory requirements on the pressing issue of food hygiene. Additionally, the company has already applied for UL certification to ensure quick access to the North American market, and obtained the CCC certification, a compulsory safety mark for many products sold on the Chinese market, for the Frog model machine.

Customer service and assistance
Didiesse guarantees constant support throughout the aftersales process thanks to a widespread network of external service centres and an internal customer care switchboard.

So, if you are looking for a new business, Didiesse srl is the right choice!

Fill out the form and you will be contacted by one of our consultants who will provide you with all the information you need!

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