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About us

Didiesse is a Made in Italy company and the production of espresso coffee machines it’ our core business. Thanks to the moreover 20 years of activity . Experience and know-how, Didiesse srl has created specific products for domestic destination, always ensuring optimal performance and ease of use.

The machines
Didiesse espresso machines stand out for their modern and attractive design, which is expressed through bold colors and bright shades, and for the attention to detail that enhance the line and make it intuitive to use.
Didì, the espresso coffee machine in pods with a compact design

This small machine can withstand large workloads and at the same time maintain high performance and low consumption.

Didì is equipped with a lever for opening or closing the extraction chamber. On the front we have the coffee dispense light and the temperature/stand-by indicator.

Available with glossy or matt finishes in 11 colour versions, Didì is the perfect solution for people who are looking for an espresso machine with a compact size and modern and functional design.

Frog Revolution: iconic design

Frog Revolution – stands out for the iconic design that recalls the silhouette of a frog, which you can recognise through the various details on the front.

The mechanical lever of Frog Revolution is reminiscent of bar machines and is finished with a knob in the shape of a coffee bean. The steam system is equipped with controls with micropump.

The side compartments allow you to keep ordered sugar bags, waffles and accessories supplied. Available in 16 bright colours, it is perfect to be placed in an environment with a modern design.
You can also choose the Frog Revolution Vapor version (with steam group included)

Frog Collection, elegant and sophisticated

This espresso machine combines all the features and functionality of Frog Revolution, further enhanced with a visual inspired by pop and more classic inspiration, so as to make the espresso machine a true cult, perfect to be placed even inside representative environments.

Frog Collection presents a steam plant equipped with micropump controls. The buttons on the front, located at the top of the device, make it easy to switch on and off the machine. The buttons located on the top of the device, make it easy to switch on and off the machine.
You can also choose the Frog Collection Vapor version (with steam group included)

Become a Didiesse partner: why

As you know, a retailer has many aspects to consider when choosing a supplier:

Product quality
All Didiesse products are the result of projects created and developed inside the company thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals. The company creates its products in strong synergy with the suggestions of the operators, in order to make increasingly profitable the mutual collaboration.

Didiesse machines are produced with certified components that guarantee high quality standards. They are also equipped with EEC certification that attests compliance with European standards for electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety.

Customer service and assistance
Didiesse guarantees constant assistance even in after sales. We offer training courses to customers at our company. We want assist and help them to use and solve any doubts or problems on Didiesse machines.

So, if you are looking for a new business, Didiesse srl is the right choice!

Fill out the form and you will be contacted by one of our consultants who will provide you with all the information you need!

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