Didì Borbone

The pleasure of a good coffee 100% made in Italy

€ 129,00 € 109,00

Small and compact

The Didì is highly performing and supports large workloads while maintaining low consumption.
Coffee brewing 1 single coffee
Pods Pods coffee machine
Water tank capacity 0,8 liters
Extraction chamber closing lever

Upwards and downwards rotation to open/close the extraction chamber.

Start/Stop button

Erogation button start/stop and temperature/stand-by signaling

Water tank

The coffee machine is equipped with a removable water tank with capacity of 0,8 lt

Collection tray

Handy collection tray, easy to empty and clean.


Pods coffee machine


Compostable pods, which can be differentiated in the wet.

Technical data

Body material Metal and Thermoplastic
Cable length 0.8 m
Pump pressure 15 bar
Control panel Front

Dimensions and weight

Width 12.5 cm
Depth 30.4 cm
Height 21.5 cm
Weight 3.1 kg

Energy consumption

Power 450 W
Voltage 220 / 240 V
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