Bomba Plus

The Bomba Plus descaler is a professional and eco-friendly product designed for pod and capsule coffee machines.

Bomba Plus is available in the practical 250 ml bottle in packs of 4 bottles.

Methods of use:

1. Remove the tank, empty it if full, and pour the entire contents of the decalcifier bottle into it.
2. Reposition the tank in place and press the dispensing button to pour the solution inside the machine.
3. Gradually remove the descaling solution by means of a container positioned under the coffee dispensing spout.
4. Intermittently dispense the descaling agent, approximately 75 ml at a time, leaving it to act for around 5 to 10 minutes and repeat the operation until the descaling solution is depleted.
5. Remove the tank, wash it with running water and reposition it in place.
6. Dispense approximately 1 water tank intermittently (30 seconds on – 30 seconds off).
7. After completing these operations, refill the tank with drinking water to dispense the coffee.

If the descaling concerns a coffee machine without a tank, place the decalcifier bottle in the appropriate compartment, inserting the filler pipe or pipes inside the decalcifier bottle and perform the same operations indicated above.

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