Caffè Borbone Frog

A tasting kit of 30 Caffè Borbone pods included

The Frog espresso machine has reached new heights with the incredible flavour of Caffè Borbone pods.

A must-try taste experience, which combines the machine’s impressive dispensing performance with the quality of the 30-pod tasting kit, free with every purchase.

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129,00 taxes included
Caffè Borbone Frog Vapor

A tasting kit of 30 Caffè Borbone pods included

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Made in Italy
100% Made in Italy Certification

Free Shipping
With a traceable tracking ID

Payment security
We use the safest circuits in the world

After-sale assistance
Contact us at 800 217 661

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If I feel my arm too "tough" when I try to close it?

Check that you have correctly inserted the pod and that it does not come out of its compartment.

Don't try to rip it! Let the water flow from the dispenser for 3 seconds: the pod will come off on its own.

You probably haven't tightened your arm properly, so make sure you've closed it. The secret is to hear a "clack" when you do it.

Check that the plug has been inserted correctly and that there is electricity.

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