Baby Frog Collection

The combination of taste, innovation and design

For all those who love design, Baby Frog Collection has arrived.

The new collection offers a range of exclusive and limited textures, while maintaining all the technical innovations of the new Didiesse branded model: patented diffuser for a full-bodied and creamy espresso, removable pod holder for quick maintenance and cleaning, low consumption and integrated standby function, 1.5L tank and 0.5L bottle compartment all in one.

Let yourself be enchanted by a new range full of style and novelty, choose Baby Frog Collection!

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Baby Frog

Espresso has a new dimension

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Made in Italy
100% Made in Italy Certification

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If I notice water leaks from the cup holder during coffee dispensing?

Check that the extraction chamber is properly tightened and consequently the lever is locked in the closed position. It also checks that the gasket located in the upper part of the extraction chamber is intact.

You may have inserted the pod incorrectly, make sure it rests correctly on the steel plate.

Make sure that the plug is correctly inserted in the socket and that the ignition swtitch on the back of the machine is on "1".

Don't try to rip it! Let the water flow from the dispenser for 3 seconds: the pod will come off on its own.

Do not worry, the machine has gone in stand-by mode to let you save on the electricity bill, just hold down the dispensing button for 3 seconds, you will realize that the flashing changes and you will only have to wait for the machine to warm up.

We strongly advise you not to do this, since the tank is transparent and you would risk scratching it, ruining the aesthetics. Try washing it using an anti-limescale and a soft sponge.

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